Lessen Your Development Mistakes With Kualitee

Yes! It’s true that during software development process, mistakes can be occurred from developers. Those mistakes could only be rectified with the help of software testing tools. It’s the responsibility of a development manager of a software house to ensure the reliability of their development programs by using a software testing tool.  Kualitee is rated among the most advanced and fully resourceful test analysis tool, addressing all aspects of test management, bug management, project management and defect management. It simply lessen the development mistakes by identifying out the bugs and vulnerabilities affecting the end results of a software.  The more you will test a software the better you will be able to sustain quality, and software testing tools helps to achieve it. Quality assurance of a newly developed software can only be possible, when you are a testing tool like Kualitee.

With Kualitee! Manage, Integrate and Progress

Now, Kualitee is the need of every development organization to achieve perfection in ending results. In comparison to other software testing tools, Kualitee deliver more perfection and rectification in test analysis results. It’s fully optimized bug evaluation feature, enable a tester to prepare a detailed test evaluation report, and manage entire testing work.  Following are the top most efficienct features of Kualitee as a testing tool.

  • Information Rich Format
  • Creation Of Customized Defects Reports
  • JIRA Integration
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Reuse Test Case & Save time
  • Save Testing Data in shape of Pdf, Excel and Word format

Competition among the development firms has been increased a lot over the period of time. Now the users have the choices to use a certain product, by keeping in mind the quality and accuracy in ending results. As a development manager, to ensure the optimal level efficiency of your product, the only thing you have to do is to Sing Up on Kualitee. The earlier you will sign up, the sooner you will achieve quality & proficiency in results. Likewise the other available software testing tools, Kualitee enable its users to prepare fully customized reports, with 100% accuracy in results.

Up till now, developers are giving preference to JIRA as a software testing tool, But Kualitee has more features. It also provide the luxury of JIRA integration to all its users across the globe. Testers can reuse any specific test case for their future use, if they are using Kualitee as a bug management tool. As a software tester or manager, you can use your test evaluation date in shape of pdf, excel and word format so as to show results conveniently.

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